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This is a really easy recipe 🙂


  1.  4 pears
  2. 2 cinnamon sticks
  3. 100 g sugar
  4. juice and zest of a half of a lemon
  5. 150 ml white wine
  6. 300 ml water

Peel the pears.

Stir together the white wine, water, cinnamon sticks, lemon juice and zest.

Let the mixture simmer over medium heat and add the pears.

Poach the pears, for about 20 min ( depending of the pears type). They have to get tender, but not too soft.

Remove the pears from the pan and let the syrup cook for about 6 more minutes ( add the sugar now).

When serving the pears, drizzle some whine syrup. Also can be made some decorations out of melted sugar.